Bow Valley College

Digital Strategy

Our Guiding Principle

Bow Valley College is Canada’s leading access college in technology innovations for teaching, learning, and student supports.
This digital strategy will outline how Bow Valley College will use technology to enhance the student experience, improve administrative efficiency, and drive innovation.

Strategic Considerations

Core to the success of the Digital Strategy is Digital Inclusivity. A digital-first strategy will be successful when the College can ensure equitable access to technology and connectivity. Key initiatives are intended to make significant progress in bridging this gap.
Technology decisions are made with consideration for equity, diversity, inclusion, and access. The digital strategy will remain flexible to cater for adjusting enrolment trends and changes in offered programming.
The College will continue to leverage Microsoft™ Education & COMPASS program to drive improvements to benefit learners and staff.
Key to the success of the digital strategy are these five core initiatives. Select an initiative to learn more about it.

Enhancing the Learner Experience

Transformational Initiatives

Open Educational Resource Adoption
Remove cost barriers to education and promote accessibility by leveraging open source/free license education resources. Provide learners with flexibility in how they access core educational content traditionally found within textbooks and other resources.

Academic Reporting and Learner Success Metrics
Enable accurate and timely data to drive decision-making in Academic and Learner Success teams to provide staff and faculty a readily available learner profile. Support goals of improved: enrolment; learner satisfaction; graduation rates; learner retention; and learner mental health.

Learner Loaned Device Expansion
Supporting a digitally inclusive campus by expanding the inventory for short and long term loan of technology to our learners. Ensure learners have access to technology and internet and are able to fully participate in the College’s Hyflex and online learning programming.

Growth Initiatives

Enhancing Learner Communication Channels

Expand Technology Training Opportunity for Learners

Support Enhanced Learner Engagement Opportunities

Improving Access to Learner Supports

Improve Access to Learner Financial Information & Awards Availability

Enhancing Instructor Training and Resources

Enhancing the Applicant Experience

Transformational Initiatives

Virtual Campus
Enhance the learner’s digital and virtual experience of the College, adopting a digital-first approach. Regardless of physical location, learners should feel embedded in the College experience, both academic and non-academic.

Growth Initiatives

Applications Process Consolidation & Automation

Enhance Prospective Learner Engagement

Continuous Learner Onboarding

Academic Innovation

Transformational Initiatives

Expanding Ed Tech use in Programs & Courses
Leveraging emerging technology (such as xR) to maximize effectiveness in all learning environments, in order to achieve a complete, comprehensive, and ultimately successful learning experience.

Pivot-Ed micro-credentials, through a competency-based and assessment-first approach, prepare individuals for the needs of a rapidly changing workplace. Learn more here.

Growth Initiatives

Enhancing Work Integrated Learning Technology

Delivery Modalities Analytics

Incorporating Educational Technology in Programs/Courses and Instruction

Enabling Employee Success

Transformational Initiatives

Business Capability Management & Process Mapping
The expression or the articulation of the capacity, materials, and expertise an organization needs to perform core functions. Establish the foundational capabilities and expertise required to document our capability model, enterprise architecture, and operational business processes in a common manner across the institution.

Growth Initiatives

Academic Governance and Success

Staff Continuous Onboarding

Enhance Human Resources Capabilities & Employee Digital Experience

Enhance Finance Capabilities

Enhance Contract Lifecycle Management

Enhance Requisition and Asset Management

Secure our Digital Footprint

Supporting Strategic Success

Transformational Initiatives

Smart Campus Transformation
Smart campus technology enables a frictionless digital experience within the community. Leveraging advances in IoT technology, a smart campus enables:
- Improved access to student services
- Improved wayfinding
- Access Management
- Better space utilization
- Improved energy conservation
- Early detection of facility incidents

Growth Initiatives

Supporting Alumni Engagement Strategy

Enhance Project Performance Measurement

Data Governance and Enhanced Reporting

Operational Performance Metrics

In today's world, having a well-crafted digital strategy is crucial for any organization to thrive and succeed. This digital strategy will help Bow Valley College stay ahead of the curve and achieve long-term goals.

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