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Pivot-Ed prepares individuals for the needs of a rapidly changing workplace. COVID-19 has hastened this pace of change and we asked ourselves how Pivot-Ed could support as we all transitioned to a new way of working. We realized that while there are numerous resources available to help individuals remain effective, there wasn’t a lot to help managers.
In response, we created a free, 20 minute AI simulation to help managers understand whether they are exhibiting the competencies required to effectively lead teams remotely. The setting is a telecom company named Bow Valley Wireless that is rapidly moving 15,000+ people to remote work, and respondents interact with an AI character through 6 core questions to advise on remote working styles and techniques. They receive a personalized debrief at the end, as well as access to a few curated articles on remote leadership.

We recently helped a leading financial services organization understand whether 700+ frontline customer service advisors across Alberta exhibit the competencies needed to effectively engage customers when they visit a branch, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty levels.
We have partnered with IBM to build an online marketplace for job seekers, content providers and employers. Bow Valley College is also the first Canadian hub for the IBM Skills Academy, which provides learning related to artificial intelligence, big data, business intelligence, cloud development and predictive analytics.

The Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre recently invested $1.52 million in Bridging the Gap, a Pivot-Ed initiative to help Canadians secure employment by demonstrating their competencies to prospective employers. The unique aspects of Bridging the Gap are its pan-Canadian scope, the inclusion of underrepresented populations, an emphasis on both technology infrastructure and service delivery and a coalition of 10 academic, public and private partners. Bridging the Gap will create a library of 14 AI assessments that reflect in-demand jobs across the country and the above-mentioned technology platform that supports reskilling and upskilling.

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We created a free, 20 minute AI simulation to help managers understand whether they are exhibiting the competencies required to effectively lead teams remotely.

Leading for the Future 

Pivot-Ed is a BVC Venture that optimizes human potential. It builds on the College’s pioneering work with scalable assessments and micro-credentials, and aligns with its vision to make all learning count.
Pivot-Ed leverages artificial Intelligence (AI) to help individuals viably demonstrate their competencies for a role, recommends learning for identified gaps and certifies the results with a recognized micro-credential.
This allows individuals to find employment, progress to another role or transition to a new career. It also allows corporations to enable people to excel in their roles, thereby driving increased value for their employees and customers.
Through these efforts, Pivot-Ed meets the needs of a rapidly changing workforce, and drives social and economic prosperity in Calgary, Alberta and across Canada.

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